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Play. Learn. Grow. 


With the guidance and support of our experienced Early Childhood Professionals, toddlers are encouraged to learn and discover through hands-on exploration, creative play and social interaction in our inclusive....



Preschoolers are ready to take chances and experiment with new things and challenges. Our knowledgeable Early Childhood Professionals are dedicated in creating an environment that invites....


Our Approach

Denisa  ChildCare Centre follows a play based learning program model that applies the following curriculums - How Does Learning Happen? (HDLH), Early Learning Framework (ELF), Ontario’s Pedagogy for Early Years and Ministry of Education’s Policy Statement on Programming and pedagogy made under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.....


What Parents Think

I am so happy we found Denisa Childcare. We were hesitant putting our daughter in daycare and we kept her at home for 20 months. Now I can say after her being at Denisa Childcare for two months, I wish we had started her in daycare earlier. I feel like the staff care as much as about our daughter as we do. They take great care with helping her meet milestones and develop, despite the toddler challenges I know she throws at them.  Everyday at drop-off our daughter is happy to see both Yvonne and Ilda.  The photos they send everyday are the highlight of my day, and I know our daughter is having a great time with them. The environment is having a great time with them.  The environment is so clean and stimulating, and I love the amount of attention our daughter gets. I cannot recommend Denisa Childcare enough.

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